About Us


Miguns mission is to deliver best technological products and services that exceed customers’ expectations - with passion, pride and speed, they actively communicate with customers.


Miguns vision is ‘to be as Customer trusted Advisor by providing best solutions beyond their satisfaction’.
Miguns values integrity, customer focus, and creativity, efficient and respect highly motivated people and team spirit. Miguns positively supports environmental matters, safety and society.

At these days, software is the ultimate tool of information technology. Miguns will provide best fit and feasible software solution to customer as their trusted advisor since software is the most powerful tool to value integrity, customer focus, efficiency, and productivity.


Miguns has efficient team comprising of electrical, electronics, network, system, software, solution experts and domain experts with high degree of competence and cross-functional and management expertise.

Miguns employs highly inspired, talented and dedicated people who are willing to put all their strengths in pursuit of professional objectives.

Miguns respects and admire the aptitude of their team and motivates individuals to think outside the box. This makes their work environment live and creative, and eventually leads to greater innovations and high-quality results for clients.